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Ningbo Everwinner Auto Parts Co., Ltd located in Ningbo, Zhejiang, China. As a leading China Lead-wire combination units Manufacturers and custom Lead-wire combination units factory, our product mainly including tire and wheel rim accessories, tire repair tools and equipments, wholesale Lead-wire combination units and etc.Now Everwinner continues to stay successful by manufacturing and choosing unique durable products for exporting from China. Our business has been active in United States, Southeast, Africa and North America and other countries in the world. Through strong relationship with the Chinese manufacturers and our factories,Everwinner Co. now has been enjoyed in volume exports scale, Our company's production and service will lead customers to greater loyalty and satisfaction. Welcome!

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What is Lead-wire combination units

Lead-wire combination units for car tires refer to sensors installed in the tire that communicate information to a monitoring system in the vehicle. These units typically measure tire pressure and temperature, and transmit this data to the car's computer to provide the driver with real-time information about tire performance and condition. The lead wire component serves as an electrical conductor between the sensor and the monitoring system, while the combination unit integrates the sensor, lead wire, and other components into a single package for easy installation.

Advantages of Lead-wire combination units

There are some advantages of Lead-wire combination units,such as:
1.Increased tire durability: Lead-wire combination units provide extra strength to the tire, making it more durable and resistant to punctures.
2.Improved ride comfort: Lead-wire combination units help reduce vibrations, providing a smoother ride and better handling.
3.Enhanced stability: Lead-wire combination units help to maintain the tire's shape, providing better stability and improved grip on the road.
4.Longer tire life: Lead-wire combination units help to extend the life of the tire, reducing the need for frequent replacements.
5.Better fuel efficiency: Lead-wire combination units can improve fuel efficiency, as they reduce rolling resistance and help the tire maintain its shape.