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Ningbo Everwinner Auto Parts Co., Ltd located in Ningbo, Zhejiang, China. As a leading China Foil-Back Tube Patches Manufacturers and custom Foil-Back Tube Patches factory, our product mainly including tire and wheel rim accessories, tire repair tools and equipments, wholesale Foil-Back Tube Patches and etc.Now Everwinner continues to stay successful by manufacturing and choosing unique durable products for exporting from China. Our business has been active in United States, Southeast, Africa and North America and other countries in the world. Through strong relationship with the Chinese manufacturers and our factories,Everwinner Co. now has been enjoyed in volume exports scale, Our company's production and service will lead customers to greater loyalty and satisfaction. Welcome!

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What is Foil-Back Tube Patches

Foil-back tube patches are a type of patch used to repair punctures in inner tubes for bicycles and other inflatable devices. The patch is made of a rubber or plastic material and has a thin layer of aluminum foil on one side. The aluminum foil provides an airtight seal when the patch is applied to the inner tube, preventing air from leaking out. The patches can be applied quickly and easily, making them a convenient option for on-the-go repairs.

Advantages of Foil-Back Tube Patches

Foil-back tube patches have several advantages over other types of tube patches:
1.Strong Adhesion: The foil backing provides a strong, durable bond that helps prevent the patch from coming off.
2.Waterproof: The foil backing makes the patch waterproof, which is useful for patching tubes that will be exposed to water or other liquids.
3.Easy to Apply: The foil-back tube patches are very easy to apply, and can be used to patch tubes quickly and efficiently.
4.Versatile: Foil-back tube patches can be used on a variety of different types of tubes, including plastic, rubber, and metal.
5.Durability: The foil-back tube patches are more durable and resistant to wear and tear than other types of patches, making them more suitable for heavy-duty applications.